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Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Let me to introduce, I am Wiz. I think you must thought, why my name is Wiz. Ok! it always asked to me so many times. First, i like wiz because it just contains 3 letter. Second, it has good meaning. Maybe you could translate Wiz in Google for your satisfied. Done it? :D

I am from Ciganjur, south of Jakarta. I am from Cilacap. Between center of Java and west of Java. So, my village language become Sundanese and Javanese. But i could not speak that because from very small child, i live in Jakarta. So, i just understand from hearing that language. But i very love that culture!

I love swimming, football, travelling, puding, and coding.

Ok! i will stop to chit chat. Lets see what i can.


a) UI / UX:
Android Native, RxJava, RxBinding, Retrofit, Dagger 2, RESTFull Api Web Service, Google Cloud Messaging, Firebase, Java, Codeigniter, Laravel, Jquery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript

b) Back-end:
PHP, Node.js, MySqli, MariaDB, MongoDB,, Java, Springboot

c) Versioning: Git, Github, Tortoise SVN

d) Design Pattern: MVP, MVC

e) Graphic Design:
Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Gimp, Kdenlive, Blender

f) Mikrokontroller: Arduino
g) Technical Drawing: Autocad
h) OS: Ubuntu & Windows
i) English

Just it? Yeah, just it for now. I open for new technology and love to learn!

Your buddy,

Wiz ( done translate it? :D )
Android Developer | Web Programmer | Grafis Desainer
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